What is a database?

There are many definitions of the term “database” and one of the most common once is that the database is a collection of information/knowledge stored in digital format.

The database can be in form of a flat text file or can be a relational database.
Relational databases are structured in fields, records, and database tables. The database table consists of one or more database rows, and each database row consists of one or more database fields. Examples of Relational databases are MS SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL.

The term "database" is used to describe both the collection of data and the software tool used to manage the data (usually called Database Management System).

Databases are used in most of the modern software applications. Databases provide the means of storing data, accessible simultaniously by many users.

Databases use a programming language called SQL (Structured Query Language), which makes accessing and storing relational data very easy.

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