MS SQL Server

MS SQL Server is a Relational Database Management System developed by Microsoft Corp. MS SQL Server is an enterprise level database competing with products like Oracle and DB2. MS SQL Server cost much less than its comparable competitors products, hence its popularity.

As many of the Microsoft products this database has its origins in other company’s product namely Sybase SQL Server.

MS SQL Server is a paid database server, but it has a free limited version called MSDE (Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine). MSDE version of MS SQL Server is free for re-distribution with desktop applications. As we mentioned MSDE has certain restrictions, like:

· The maximum size of a database is 2 GB
· MSDE comes with no administration tools.
· MSDE has has a governor which will slower the db server response once you exceed 5 concurrent connections to it.

MS SQL Server uses SQL as its standard database language. The SQL dialect used by MS SQL Server is called T-SQL.

MS SQL Server fully supports ODBC.

The latest MS SQL Server version available on the market is MS SQL Server 2005.

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